Business intelligence

enables you to obtain up-to-date and exact data on an assortment of regions important to the association's exercises, for example,

Potential contenders

Distinguishing and characterizing contenders with potential mischief to the association's exercises.

Recognizing business dangers

Mapping all business, backhanded and direct dangers confronting the association.

New Markets and New Business Opportunities

Legitimate data promoting investigation gives an abundance of new thoughts, openings, and difficulties.

The exercises and conduct of new and old contenders

Present and future movement of potential contenders of the association.

Items and technologies

Data on the careful activity and/or parts of items and advances a work in progress or existing items.

Existing or arranged business connections of contenders Competitors

Coordinated efforts and their essentialness for rivalry.

About US

BLACKSOR Group was set up in 2013 and represents considerable authority in giving vital and esteem added counseling administrations to the business and business divisions.

The gathering is one of the most established and driving in its field Worlwide, with high notoriety and a wide customer base, both in the business division in Israel and abroad and in open associations and organizations.

The BLACKSOR Group works Worldwide, utilizing the sending of expert universal foundation and broad experience.
The human capital of the gathering is gifted in the territories of data gathering, examine vital arranging and innovation. Previous senior officials work in first-class units in The Israeli intelligence Units
The BLACKSOR Group gives its customers expert and great data, with the most extreme consideration to keep up corporate morals and tact and to utilize just lawful methods. The activities are done intimately with driving legitimate consultants in the economy.
The BLACKSOR Group's proficient tasks make it conceivable to acquire a particular upper hand and a complete, extraordinary and modern picture of the market and contenders




For what reason do I need the management counseling services?

How We Give Solutions

You may not really require these services. A great part of the worth got from an administration advisor is their capacity to genuinely survey a specific business issue and prescribe whether a consultancy can help in settling it. Counsel Worldwide gives a free introductory conference that is secret and commitment-free. Through it, our advisors can discover the elements of the issue and report to you the potential for a goal with or without consultancy. We are logical in our way to deal with customer desires and the requirement for some direction without the conventions of a genuine consultancy course of action.

Will the consultancy administrations are costly?

How We Give Solutions

Our estimating is normally created in counsel with our customers. We are not the most costly, nor the most economical consultancy firm. Counseling work is here and there the expense of working together, yet our upper hand is that we are sufficiently experienced to guarantee a down to business approach in the conveyance of work. Estimating and installment courses of action that can be customized add further weight to our advertising. We are businessmen as well and comprehend the goals of spending confinements, income and the need to demonstrate an incentive to partners. We can guarantee a practical way to deal with our evaluating and a success win mindset. We will be happy to cite you for explicit assignments.

What is the typical procedure for drawing in a consultancy?

How We Give Solutions

The standard for connecting with a counseling firm is to meet with the firm in a commitment-free, without cost first session. In that session, the elements of the issue are examined and a proposal is made around multi-week after the gathering concerning whether the firm can help with this issue or not. A demonstrative value is additionally furnished at this phase alongside a synopsis proposition. Imminent customers will regularly wish to discuss the proposition and a choice is normally come to either connect with or not draw in the firm inside a time period proportionate with the association's techniques and the idea of the task. The entirety of our gatherings is cost and commitment-free before an agreement is agreed upon.

How would you ensure your services?

How We Give Solutions

We are tantamount to our last occupation! We are sure about our capacity to furnish you with the help that will altogether affect your business, thusly, for the majority of the help, we give there is no long haul agreement and you can drop whenever.

Meet our team

Security consulting

Incorporation among means and frameworks to give ideal answers for the association

Uncommon, secret and unmistakable unwavering quality tests, while procuring new workers and in the continuous exercises

Utilization of innovative methods (CCTV cameras, sensors, caution wall and then some)



Cyber Investigations and Protections Is An Art! This is how blacksor team and managment see it... we are here to help you as a business or individual protect yourself from cyber attackts or clean your systems and identify the attack after it happend! your understanding need to be that Data frameworks in associations and organizations face everyday dangers that undermine their uprightness and security. Their assurance incorporates a few strata, which the BlackSor represents considerable authority in.

The duty regarding leading control and self-awareness of the data security issue in the association lies with the shoulders of the Chairman, individuals from the Board of Directors, the CEO and individuals from the executives.