Privacy Policy


Blacksor is a company for website protection and preservation. Any website owner in search of insuring his website can associate with us:



Blacksor safeguards your website by restricting violent and vicious actions. We are a platform with many gadgets to protect your website from cybercrime.


Blacksor has a very sharp privacy policy to handle personal data and information from any malicious activity. Using our services accessible at website, we will clean up your system that was traced sinfully. Blacksor maintains people's accounts and websites by keeping in view four aspects. The domain of Blacksor first describes the reason to protect websites. In the second phase, how we manage to provide crystal security to your website. This includes fetching your data and information you may supply through Blacksor website. Following the next phase, we describe that how do we fetch your information to prevent it from cybercrime. And in the last phase, Blacksor exposes the tasks acceptable to both Blacksor platform and Blacksor websites.


In the early stage, there is a need to know that malicious activities can harm your identity by tracing your information. Blacksor has a very sharp way to collect your information from IP address and it then read out your information. If the match does not found on any database of Blacksor the website deletes that address on the spot. We store your information respecting cookies for 24 months.

You have the right to call a question on the operations backed by Blacksor. You are allowed to stop further proceedings at Blacksor website. If you want to ensure your rights at Blacksor then you can contact us at


Blacksor has the authority to receive your information, your operating system version, your IP address, cookie information, click stream information, and much more about unwrap and accessible information. We hastily get to know about the behavior of our clients.

Cookies and spyware

Blacksor fights with the spyware software that aims to gather personal information and use it in a way to let users suffer from any danger/harm. We hire cookies on our websites’ server to get to know about visitors and allowing us to watch you. You can’t refuse to Blacksor cookie every time you want to join Blacksor.


Blacksor deals between you and your information. The involvement of any third party for the marketing process is not appreciated in Blacksor at any cost. We take care of your personalized data and save it from malware (malicious software variants).

Account Protection

We have intensely designed the password policies; it may be a pack of mixed characters that you can’t publicize. If you tried to expose your password to someone then you will be responsible for any harm. In case, you revealed your password mistakenly, you ought to inform us and change it shortly.


Blacksor platform usually deduces the basic information of your website by your IP address. We have cookies and especially web beacons that operate as a tag and record the user's visit as a hidden third party. Furthermore, the HTMP code snippet (invisible tracking pixel) makes Blacksor more intensified and magnified in doing the job of protecting websites. Whenever you visit a third-party website that uses Blacksor platform, we may collect your general information such as IP address information, cookie information, timestamps, and which websites you visited.


Our main aim is to collect your personalized data from disgruntled programmers and hackers. We want to facilitate you with an effective and exclusive experience in fetching your information. Before this you have to admit that:

  • We may use your information to prevent all malware.
  • To provide services and client support you are asking for
  • To save your websites from malicious and illegal activities
  • To quote promotional offers and service updates


We treat your data as an asset that must be shielded and use certain tools (including encryption, passwords, and physical security) to protect your personal information against any unauthorized access. However, third parties may unlawfully manipulate or access transmissions or private communications.


Please contact at you suspect a client of abusing our services. You will receive a rapid response on the complaint that we will, on the other hand, rush to resolve the issue.


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23. Premium Delivery Within 15 Working Days.

24. Client Can Cancel Order Within 30 Days From Order Date AND|OR WIthin 15 Days From Delivery Date

25. all client details are safe and secures on PCI standard and will not be transfer to any 3RD party